I was a sculptor/painter before I became a Mommy, now I'm a full time "hooker" specializing in gourmet crochet hats and couture wearables.

When it comes to my designs... I break ALL the rules! I'm self taught,
I dont count stitches, or use patterns and I delight in pairing yarns of incompatible weights in the same piece (*gasp!)
Thats right... I'm a real renagade!

To me, every hat is a work of art. I combine colors that I find appealing or texturally interesting together, sometimes using up to 10 different yarns in one piece. My work is unindered and free form, each hat is one of a kind and unique as the people who wear then!

I do what I do, because I love the feel of fiber between my fingers... and because I'm not right with the world when I'm not creating. The majority of my day is spent being a Mom, and I often sacrifice precious beauty sleep to create and crochet. Long after everyone else in tucked snuggly in their beds... you'll fnd me up to my elbows  in yarn, muse struck... with hook in hand.

On average I make 60 hats a month, as well as a few frocks and sweaters. If quality handcraft is what you're looking for - I'm your gal! Custom hats are made not only to fit your head but your choice of colors and yarn too! Garment orders take a bit longer however, and  require a 2 month lead time.

My 3 year old daughter is my best model, saleslady,
and helper. And she is really the one who deserves
the credit for turning me into a hooker! She and I are
a real team. After many  years as a professional
sculptor/painter, becoming a Mommy gave me a bit of
an indentity crisis as well as an opportunity to
re-evaluate my life. It wasnt long until I realized that I
couldnt sculpt or paint and tend a baby at the same
time... I needed something I could stop and start easily, but didnt know what exactly that would be. I just knew that having a creative outlet was key to my spirit and my being.

One day while wandering through the craft store, wearing
my daugher in a sling, we happened down the yarn isle

(formerly unknown terroritory). She was about  6 months old at
the time, new to the world and extremely tactile...
she reached for some fuzzy purple yarn. Grabbed onto
it, pulled it to her chest and proceeded to buried her
face in the skein making muffled noises of glee!

"hmm" I thought, "that must be REALLY  good stuff" !

So home with us that yarn went, along with a hook, and
absolutely no clue what to do with either one of them! Luckily, my Mom who is an award winning weaver, was able to give me a quick 2 min walk thru on how to cast on... after that, I was on my own and off and running!

During the first year of motherhood, I suffered with terrible post partum depression before finding help via Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Being an artist with no creative outlet, living isolated in a new town with no friends, neighbors, or family, adjusting to my new role as a Mother, and severe hormone imbalance ... all factored into many dark days. I discovered crochet (a therapy in its own right) only a few months before beginning the B. I. H. R. Therapy and doing the two in tandem, I feel that I literally crocheted my way to a brighter day!

Now, as a full time fiber artist and crochet designer, I am grateful to have switched artistic mediums, as it allows me to stay at home with my daughter full time, and do something I love! Now, I cant imagine my life without yarn or being anything else but a "hooker". I just love it!

I like to think the love I put into my work shines through in the finished product, and hope that those who buy my work will enjoy wearing my hats and garments, as much as I enjoy making them!

Horomal Testing Info:
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